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Cremation With Dignity

Many families and individuals look at cremation as an alternative to a funeral service. However, the truth is that cremation is simply a disposition alternative to burial or entombment of the deceased family member. Just as most people would not think of having a burial without some ceremony or tribute for the deceased, so should individuals who choose cremation have the opportunity for memorialization and support from the community through a memorial gathering or visitation.

There are many options available to those families who choose disposition by cremation. Many families recognize the importance of a time for gathering of friends and a ceremony of tribute when a loved one dies, and these needs can be met through several of the options offered through the funeral home. Pray Funeral Home offers the families they serve the Family Affirmation Service(SM), which is designed as an alternative to the traditional style funeral service.

This alternative is available for those families selecting cremation as final disposition as well as earth burial.

An ever increasing number of families are requesting cremation services. We have compiled a sampling of cremation services and ceremonies that we have the privilege of providing. For your convenience, cremation service options are grouped into three categories on the following pages:

  • Public Viewing
  • Private Family Viewing Only
  • Identification by a Next of Kin/No viewing
We are always sensitive and willing to accommodate special requests as well.
Each of the "Options" listed includes the following services which constitute our BASIC CREMATION OFFERING:
  1. Basic services of funeral director and staff
  2. Transfer of decedent to funeral home
  3. Sanitary care including bathing the deceased, setting features and, as applicable, shave, shampoo and combing of hair
  4. Dressing and placement in cremation casket or alternate container (as selected) for identification
  5. Private positive identification of deceased by a next of kin prior to cremation.
  6. Completion of all cremation authorizations and securing permits:
    1. Medical Examiner's permission to Cremate
    2. Cremation Authorization from the next of kin
    3. Filing death certificate and ordering certified copies of same
  7. Sheltering of decedent for a minimum of 24 hours prior to cremation
  8. Cremation and processing of cremated remains at a local crematory
  9. Simple dignified prayer service before cremation if a memorial is not selected by family
  10. Completion and filing of Federal forms for Social Security and Veteran's Benefits (as applicable)
  11. Assistance with newspaper notices, pension benefits, car title transfers, life insurance claims and notary service
  12. Availability to our Aftercare counseling service
  13. If a service is selected whereby we are not handling the final disposition of the cremated remains, unless a permanent memorial urn is selected, the cremated remains will be returned to the family in a required minimum container.
What is the purpose of items 3, 4, 5, and 9?

Our procedure assures an appropriate level of dignity and the positive identification of the decedent prior to cremation. Not only is there a psychological need for viewing the remains, but because cremation is irreversible, it is imperative that positive identification be made. Additionally we believe in some rite of passage, even it is but a simple prayer or reading.

Pray Funeral Home, Inc. • 401 West Seminary Street 401 West Seminary Street Charlotte, MI 48813
Phone: 517-543-2950 • Toll-free: 1-888-825-8527