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Publisher Clearing House Scam - Apparent Fraudulent Prize Winning Notification Letter

Fraudulent Prize Winning Notification Letter


Pray Funeral Home has been contacted by numerous people from around the United States about apparently fraudulent letters they had received in the mail on or around March 23, 2009.  

The letters are sent under the heading of Publishers Clearing House and tell the recipient that they are "the second place winner" in a "Grand Prize Draw, sponsored by Readers Digest Magazine".

The letter also contained a check made out each of the recipients for several thousand dollars.  The checks bear the name of Union State Bank of Fargo.  The most disturbing part was that the check is printed with Pray Funeral Home in the upper left hand corner as if Pray Funeral Home is the payor. 

 Pray Funeral Home has no connection to, nor do we have any relation to Publishers Clearing House, Readers Digest, nor Union State Bank of Fargo and is not a party to any drawing sponsored by them or the entity that sent the letters.  The checks are not from any account of Pray Funeral Home's and most likely are not valid checks in any form.

If you received a letter of this kind, please follow these steps:

1. Please let Pray Funeral Home know.  You may send an email to  If possible please attach a scanned copy of the front and back of the check and the envelope it came in. 

2.Report the letter to your local Post Office as this may constitute mail fraud.

3. Report the letter to your local Sheriff's Office, Police Department or Law Enforcement Agency.

4. Report the letter to your State Attorney General's Office.

 Thank you for your help in this matter

The Family and Staff of Pray Funeral Home

Pray Funeral Home, Inc. • 401 West Seminary Street 401 West Seminary Street Charlotte, MI 48813
Phone: 517-543-2950 • Toll-free: 1-888-825-8527