Remembering Lives Well Lived

Pray's have always believed that a family wants to remember and honor the life of their family  member.  This is often the healthiest way to face the emotions of a loss and to work through the emotions of grief.

We strive to bring elements of the person's personality into each service we help arrange.  This may include picture displays, videos, or bringing in the deceased's favorite collections, or items that bring to mind pleasant and comforting stories.

We can often "set the stage" for an appropriate funeral or memorial with the families help and imagination.  One of the ways we do this is through our Life Tribute Vignettes(tm) which combine those favorite pictures, collections and touchstones of memory with our unique backdrops to tell the story of the life you are celebrating.

What does a fabulous personalized life celebration look like? Click the image to the left for a sample video.

We have a short video of the creative memorial we arranged and directed for the family of Barbara "BC" Collinsworth- Johnson this past December.  This service was a heartwarming Family Affirmation Service(r) celebrating  her life with eight eulogies by family, friends, and colleagues, a choir of her former students, a Jazz Quintet of her colleagues, and even Sparty and the MSU cheerleaders!

Pray's conducted the service at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, a wonderful venue with many capabilities.

The full length Family Affirmation Celebration Video can be viewed in Barbara's Book of Memories under the Webcast tab.