What Am I Going To Do When I Die?

You and your family are invited to a program that I am sure you will find interesting and well worth your time. The program’s information is a result of a public survey that Pray Funeral Home conducted earlier this year.  The survey indicated that community members want to know more about the issues surrounding care and support of a family member who is stricken with a terminal illness, and collecting and preserving your family story for future generations to enjoy.  As different as these two topics may seem, they are really very closely related.

The program hosted by former Channel Six News Anchor, and now Certified Celebrant, Jane Aldrich is titled “What Am I Going To Do When I Die?” 

The program features Dr. John Canine, a well known speaker who is head of Maximum Living, a national grief support network, who helped develop the concept of End Of Life Care Teams as part of his work with families.  His entertaining and yes, lively presentation and discussion will be helpful to all community members, whether or not you are facing these challenges.

Dr. Canine will also discuss creative memorialization options that help families heal after loss.  By exploring the many healing options, you may find some unique ideas that answer the question, “How do I want to be remembered?”  

At the close of the service Joe E Pray of Pray Funeral Home will answer those questions that you and your family may have always been curious about, funeral’s, memorials, and the healing that creative funeral directors can facilitate you and your family.

The event will be held at The Hall in Charlotte at 127 S. Cochran Ave.

There will be two sessions for the program:

Tuesday May 15 3:00 to 5:00 PM which will focus on health care professionals.

Tuesday May 15 7:00 to 8:30 PM for community members.

You and your family are welcome to attend either session if it is more convenient for your scheduling purposes.

Please use the form to register or contact us at 517 543 2950 and let them know you want to join us to find the answer to “What Am I Going To Do When I Die?”

Registration form

Attendance is free, however we do request you register in advance so we know how many people will be joining us. You can register by filling out the form below, or calling us at 517-543-2950.