Unique Services At Pray Funeral Home

Our creative staff at Pray Funeral Home takes the time and uses their creativity to build a service or memorial that fits the interests and unique personality of each person we care for.  These are a few of some of the more unique services and memorials.

Explore some of our more unique services 

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  • Theatrical event: This service for B.C. Collinsworth-Johnson is an example of a theatrically stages celebration which ws held in our local Charlotte Performing Arts Center.
  • A Unique Motorcyclist:  A backdrop of a lady's prized possession created a unique memory picture for her friends and family who attended her equally unique memorial service.
  • Dade's Parade:  For one of our local personalities who was known for his abilities with a team of horses or mules, this tribute fit his larger than life personality.
  • A Model A service: This unique service was developed for one of the many antique auto enthusiasts in our community.
  • An EMT Service: A true service of support for a beloved LCC instructor.
  • An Aviation SendoffA flying salute to a local aviation enthusiast.