At Home Arrangements

Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in Pray Funeral Home.

One of our goals at Pray Funeral Home is to help you feel comfortable about making final arrangements in a time of illness or when unable to travel. We have created this website-assisted arrangement process to help you. We can easily walk you through the various steps over the phone or over your computer via web conference.  Please review  these steps as you are comfortable.  At your request our arranger will send documents to you to help gather some of the information at home at your own pace, or we can gather it all over the phone or by computer web conference.  This page will serve as guidance for the arrangement meetings.  We are and will be 100% dedicated to you, our families, and will provide the best care and service to you before, during and after the services are completed.  



There are various items that will need to be discussed during the time of the arrangements. We have categorized them into seven groups:

  1. Information Needed
    • Statistical information ( birth place, parents names, employment etc.)
    • Social Security Number
    • Cemetery information
    • Family Contact Information
    • Life Insurance Policy Information
    • Vital information about the deceased This is required to begin our documentation and death certificate process( a form may be emailed to help you start to gather this information)


  • Casket Burial or Cremation
  • Which cemetery for burial of casket or urn
  • Type of service and location preference. For suggestions click here.
  • Would you like to have a private viewing? (limited to ten family members present and webcast)
  • Would you like a private graveside? (limited to ten family members and webcast)
  • Would you like a private memorial service? (limited to 10 family members per room present)
  • Would you like a Celebration of Life at a later date ( this can be in addition to a service now)
  • Would you like your pastor or one of our Certified Celebrants
  • Music or other participants
  • Location of reception
  • Merchandise selections
  • Would you like to publish an obituary in the local newspapers
  • Here is a worksheet to help you examine these decisions Click Here.
selections for the service

selections for the service

  • We have a number of complete Service Packages based upon the most popular choices made by families: Our Arranger can navigate you through the site to see options.
  • To View our Burial Service Package Offerings: Click here 
  • To View our Cremation Service Package Offerings: Click Here
  • Cremation Private Viewers: Click Here
  • Cremation Urns: Click Here
  • Casket Selection: Click Here
  • Vault Selection for caskets and urns: Click Here
  • Location of Reception: Home, Church, Funeral Home
Signatures and payment

Signatures and payment

We can take care of most signatures required on documents, billing and payments over the computer if you have computer access. 

These documents will be sent or shared with you and explained while working with our Arranger.

  • Embalming Authorization
  • Authorization for cremation
  • Disclosure Form
  • After all selections are made we will complete the contract and email it to you for signature
If you don't have computer access we will work out the best option for you.

items to bring to the funeral home

items to bring to the funeral home

  • Clothing (including any special instructions)
  • Jewelry to be placed on your loved one ( We will complete a receipt and instructions form)
  • Photos for the video collage for your loved one's Tribute Page.   These may also be emailed to us if you prefer): These may be emailed to [email protected] 
  • Veteran Discharge papers if applicable.  These can also be scanned and emailed or, in some cases you may be able to take a good photo with your camera/phone and email it.
  • Life Insurance Policy if paying with assignment
  • Payment by check or cash if not paying over the telephone with credit card
If you bring these items to the funeral home, please let us know when you arrive either by cell phone from your car in the parking lot,  or by ringing the bell in the front entrance of the funeral home.  We will come out and receive these items 
Other services to consider

Other services to consider

  • Complimentary Online Tribute page – We build a Tribute page for each person in our care this allows others to participate through condolences, stories, or even pictures. For an example you may view them on our Home page., or Here
  • Video DVD Tributes both on DVD and online. For an example look here.
  • Catering and Beverage Services
  • Flowers, Cremation Jewelry and other Memorialization: We have an example here.
  • Memorial Blankets & Keepsakes
  • Fingerprint Jewelry: For examples click here.
  • Onsite Reception Options in our facility 

 IMPORTANT:  Due to the pandemic and the Shelter-in-Place Orders, we are not allowed to have more than 10 family members present in any one room to attend any event.  All Guests must remain a minimum of six feet from each other at all times.  If a guest is coughing, sneezing, has a fever or difficulty breathing they must exit the event.  The safety and health of your family and our staff is of the utmost importance.

Questions? Call us at (517) 543-2950 for assistance.

Questions? Call us at (517) 543-2950 for assistance.