Care Center

Pray Funeral Home, in all of our nearly 100 years in service to the community, have always maintained the highest standards of care for the deceased and safety for our staff. We have also regularly invested in updating and modernizing our facilities in regard for the comfort of the public and to meet the increased demands for technology.

Prays finished their new and updated Care Center, where the preparation and sheltering of the deceased is done. Preparation includes embalming, dressing, and otherwise readying the deceased body for ceremony. In cases when the family opts for immediate cremation or burial without embalming, the deceased must still be discreetly housed while the necessary permits and death certificates are prepared, thus necessitating additional space for large refrigeration units. This allows the deceased to remain in our care and custody, rather than that of the hospital or crematory morgue, while awaiting final disposition. In today’s world of pandemic restrictions and families travelling long distances for services, it is imperative that the funeral home is prepared to accommodate the many delays and extenuating circumstances while safely and respectfully sheltering both embalmed and unembalmed bodies of deceased community members.

The Care Center includes many important safety updates, including a highly specialized ventilation system for fresh air circulation and heating cooling that is completely separate from the HVAC throughout the rest of the building.

The reconfiguration of the existing floor plan allows for a new covered rear entrance for families to use on funeral days.  It also allows for many exciting new possibilities for future enhancements to the building for the public. This could include larger public restroom facilities, enhanced comfort for public gatherings and meetings, and even space for larger gatherings and luncheons.

The Pray Family is excited to continually evolve their legacy of supporting and caring for the bereaved of the community, and for the highest standards of ethical care and treatment for our dead.