Care Center Open House

JOIN US AT PRAY FUNERAL HOME October 12th from 5:00-8:00 pm

Caring Happens Here

Caring Happens Here

We are excited that our new Care Center is about to come online. 

A number of you have asked questions about our new Care Center so we are inviting you in on October 12, Tuesday, from 5-8 pm to see it!

Intent of the Care CenterTo care for deceased family members with the highest dignity

VisionTo maintain the highest standards of care for deceased community members in the safest possible environment for our staff and you, our guests and the community

Value to the publicPeace of mind for you knowing that your deceased family member receives the best possible care.

It allows us to present your family member in the best possible way, so you have the chance to say goodbye in a healthy manner.

About the open house

About the open house

Many of our colleagues are eager to see this facility come on line.

So much so that two of them will be here on October 12, to tell you why this room is so important to you, the members of our community.

Dr. John Canine, Director Maximum Living, oversees our grief counseling program, he will be here to speak on the Care Center will help us help you.  

Tom Buist a nationally renowned speaker on funeral service will be here to show you how the Care Center works.

And I and my staff will actually tour you through the Care Center and answer questions you may have.

I know most of you are curious about what happens behind the scenes of the funeral home but have been afraid to ask.  

It’s really quite amazing and compelling, so join us at Pray Funeral Home on Oct 12, 5-8 pm 

And learn how Caring Happens Here at Pray Funeral Home