Grieving alone & Together

Help for those that have experienced a loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

help for those in grief during COVid-19

help for those in grief during COVid-19

For those who have experienced loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic we have a new resource that may be helpful for you.  This book addresses loss from death, and ambiguous losses such as loss of financial or job security, and the disruption of normal routines while being isolated at home. 

The booklet written by certified Thanatologist Sara Murphy, Ph.D., CT. can be read through the link above, addresses the challenges of grieving the death of a loved one  and other losses during the COVID-19 pandemic including the nature of grief; traumatic loss and its triggers; ambiguous losses; and the risk of disenfranchised grief. It also addresses the importance of talking to children about death and memorialization and the difficulties of being separated from a loved one at the time of their death. The guide offers guidance on how families can meaningfully celebrate the life of their loved one and discusses the importance of maintaining your health while grieving.  

The Funeral Service Foundation funded this guide through the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund, and created it in collaboration with the National Funeral Directors Association and

A special thank you author Sara Murphy, PhD, CT and foreword author Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD for their commitment to serving those who are grieving the death of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic.