Coronavirus Notice

To serve the families at their time of loss, Pray Funeral Home is making the following recommendations in regards to funeral services and supporting those in grief:

  1. Indoors Visitations and Funeral Services, in accordance with the State of Michigan Orders, are current indoor capacity is not limited.   We also have unlimited capacity for our outdoor service venue in the beautiful Pray Gardens.
  2. Individuals who have a fever or are experiencing sore throat, cough, nausea or other known symptoms of the novel coronavirus or COVID19 will not be allowed entry and may have to return to their vehicle where they can watch the services over the Pray Funeral Home webcast.
  3. In order to include those who may not be able to attend, we will be providing webcasting of all of our services with the families permission. This allows the services to be viewed LIVE at home.  This is provided through an individual's Tribute Page on the Pray Funeral Home website.  We can also provide recordings for those without internet connectivity. 
  4. We still have the option of conducting funerals/memorials outside in our beautiful gardens behind the funeral home.  Our large canopy provides shelter and shade and protect guests from the elements. We have electricity for technology needs such a LifeTribute videos, music, and sound. For the winter we have also added patio radiant heaters to warm the areas.  
  5. Graveside services held outdoor at area cemeteries are able to have unlimited participants.  National cemeteries such as Ft. Custer National Cemetery or Great Lakes National Cemetery are also allowing unrestricted attendance at graveside services.  Although non vaccinated individuals are required to wear facemasks.. 
  6. Dr. Alan Wolfelt  of the Center for Loss and Life Transition suggests considering holding a memorial service for family members who died while  the COVID restrictions were in force and may not have experienced a funeral or memorial due to the restrictions.  In doing this, a family will be able to gather with the larger group of friends who were unable to join them during the restricted time frame.  For families who had a limited service during COVID restrictions and opt to hold a later gathering, Pray Funeral Home will arrange and conduct these additional services at no additional charge. This additional gathering is an excellent way to honor the life of a loved one and activate longer-term support systems.
  7. For those families who contact us for preplanning of funeral services we also have the ability to meet with families and individuals by computer using Zoom meeting programs for those who do not wish to meet in person.   

Pray Funeral Home is here to help our community and families facing a loss in the face of this even more difficult time due to the challenges we face with the COVID-19 restrictions.

Call or email us anytime with questions or ideas on how to help.

Covid related grief resource

Covid related grief resource

We encourage you to view this great resource on our website. It focuses on responding to the loss of your loved one during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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