Pray’s Continuum of Care

Facing the reality of a loved one's impending passing can be incredibly challenging. The care provided during hospice can be helpful for your family, especially as the illness progresses.  It is essential to recognize that this is a time to cherish the moments you have left together.

When the time comes, our family and staff at Pray Funeral Home strive to continue the same tender care that you experienced in hospice as we serve your family.  Our care focuses on both the compassionate care for the individual and their family.    

Sometimes, the individual who is nearing the end of their life may wish to discuss their ideas for their life celebration, funeral, or memorial arrangements. It's important to listen to their desires and engage in these conversations with openness and compassion.  These discussions offer an opportunity for reflection, providing a glimpse into what was truly meaningful for them and your family and how their lasting legacy will be remembered.

Our staff is available to answer questions with the family and individual.  The conversation of life celebration and memorial options can either be in person or over the telephone.  We can gather at the home or hospice facility so the patient can take part in the answering questions and making an appropriate plan of care for the funeral home. Planning a life celebration or funeral for a loved one in hospice care is a tender and important task. Pray’s goal is to help develop an appropriate life celebration that tells the individual’s story, shares the meaning of their life, and draws support for the family from the community.  At Pray Funeral Home, we understand the weight of this moment and are here to support you every step of the way.

Our family and staff at Pray Funeral Home encourages families to listen attentively to their loved one's wishes. Whether it's their favorite songs, readings, stories, or sharing of cherished memories these conversations serve as the foundation for a meaningful and personalized funeral service that celebrates their life.  We have seen firsthand how combining those personal elements into a meaningful and creative life celebration, memorial, or funeral helps a family to start to heal from the pain of their loss.