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We know you may have some questions about pre-planning. And we have two specialists, Dan & Dawn Hoffman, ready to help you.


Dan & Dawn Hoffman thought they had found the only love of their lives when they married each other in 2008.  That is until one year later, when they joined Pray Funeral Home and started helping people in their community prearrange their end-of-life celebrations.  Now, not only do they love spending time together as a couple, they also love helping folks from our community think about how they want to be remembered, and then planning a life celebration that is both inspiring and transformational for family and friends.

Dan and Dawn came to marriage and prearrangement later in life after long careers in real estate and the juvenile justice system respectfully.  Since 1989, Dan was a real estate broker in his home state of Indiana until he met and married Dawn and moved to Charlotte where they live in Dawn’s family farmhouse she bought from her grandparents.  Dawn spent 33 years working for the Eaton County Juvenile Court where she progressed her way from case worker/probation officer to Director of Juvenile Court Services.   Both have spent their entire careers serving people, so their new joint careers as prearrangement specialists helping folks make life-changing decisions is by no means a stretch.

Dan says, “Think of me as your final party planner! I know both sides of this as a funeral planner.  My parents did not preplan, but my wife’s parents did, and trust me, it is so much easier and better at the time of need if a person has a plan in place.  Plus, it is less costly the earlier you do it.  And, together, we can plan your final party and make it fun.”

Dawn will tell you, “Just do it! You won’t regret it, and it will be the best gift you ever gave your survivors.  Ask me, I know!”  

This amazing couple will make this important journey both fulfilling and fun at the same time.  Give them a call at 517-543-2950, fill out the form below, or reach out to them directly via email, [email protected] or [email protected], and make an appointment to get started. 

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